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WINBEST PRO EDITION from Barska ??? Empty WINBEST PRO EDITION from Barska ???

Post  Stealth914 on Wed Jun 05, 2013 7:27 pm

A mate who I got hooked the other day just raced out & bought a Pro Edition from Barska
has anyone had much to do with these ?
to me from the pic he sent me it looks like a kids toy heaps of plastic takes 2 9v batteries
2 dials & an analogue needle guage.

Its also suposed to be waterproof ?????

I didn't ask if it was chinese or taiwanese but Barska from memory make pretty good binoculars n telescopes.

Cheers Tony


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WINBEST PRO EDITION from Barska ??? Empty Re: WINBEST PRO EDITION from Barska ???

Post  Guest on Thu Aug 01, 2013 4:47 pm

There are about three barska detectors in the range that you have mentioned. They are Made in China and are similar to. if not the same as some of the Snoop range.
    Barska have just slapped their Name on them.
The one you mentioned will work but donot expect great depth. It will not like wet beach sand or iron mineralisation. This detector has preset ground balance which means that it will work in a wide range of ground mineralisation but with limited depth capability 5 or 6 inches if you are lucky. It is fun for the kids and will find plenty of stuff in the dry beach sand and in and around playgrounds and sports ovals.
    There is another baska that appears to be the same as or very similar to the Treasure Snoop.
The coils are waterproof but not the control box. There is one that is supposed to be WP to 25 foot or something like that.

The Barska underwater detector is a VLF Discriminator that operates at approx 2.4khz and is somewhat like a particular well known brand but not up to the performance of this detector. On another brand it appears with a long cylinder shaped control box.
these underwater detectors donot perform at all well.

I tried one of these waterproof jobs a couple of years back. I cannot remember the brand name that was on the control housing. There are several different brand names applied to these detectors..... It was 100% totally useless at the beach but would work in fresh water....Sort of.

Just my opinion, not Gospel


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