Rangertell Long range Detector Back on EBay

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Rangertell Long range Detector Back on EBay

Post  Dig24crt on Sun Dec 06, 2009 12:49 pm

Hi All
This scam continues to resurface,1 bid at $899 for a longrange detector that also Detects among other things "Indian Artifacts" and wait for it "Fish",perhaps there "GOLDfish".Hope I dont get one for Christmas.
Cheers Dig
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Re: Rangertell Long range Detector Back on EBay

Post  gray.nomad on Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:59 am

Hell-O Dig, :-)

I sincerely hope that you DON'T win it.
Heaven forbid, you would find lots and lots of nuggets by just pointing the ScamoTell,
sorry, RangerTell into the air, anywhere in Victoria or indeed anywhere in Australia.
You wouldn’t leave any of those nuggets for us, the average Joe Blow Detectorist, using this
old technology by Minelab.

Unfortunately for all of us, I am rather very busy right now and for a few months to come, or
I'd be tempted to go and make some of those ScamoTells, sorry RangerTells and sell them on eBay
as well.
I got heaps and heaps of electronic parts and also some old calculators and even some extendable
antennas. Of course, I'd sell them for what they are really worth, F#ck all.
See you up them thar hills.
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