Test your new Detector at home before taking it out!

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Test your new Detector at home before taking it out! Empty Test your new Detector at home before taking it out!

Post  Gold Miner on Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:26 pm

I was just reading Buzzbuzzjanko's post "Test your new Detector at home before taking it to the real test", the title made me remember something from a while ago.
Was going to post there but his post is more about his trip I suppose, so wont hijack that topic, just start another one!
What seems an age ago I got my new GP3000 in the mail.
Quite excited, I put it on charge and read through the book....three times!
Next day, all packed, drove 5 1/2 hours to 'our spot'!
Got to where I thought this new machine was going to pay for itself within hours....
Pulled the detector out, put on the new Gold Stalker mono, tightly wrapped the cord and plugged her in.
Got the back pack out, put my camelback water in the pouch, put the battery in and plugged in the amplifier. (ext spkr)
Plugging the detector into the battery is the next step.... but where's the f*%#^* lead???
Pulled the whole truck apart, I knew where I put it and it wasnt there.....?
I had no choice...pack up and go home... Evil or Very Mad
All the way home I am going through in my mind what could've happened to that lead....what were my movements.....what had I done??
Unpacked it out of the box, checked it was complete....charged the battery, packed up, unplugged the battery and left on my trip.
Someone MUST HAVE stolen my lead, just to keep me off that patch I'd found.. they MUST HAVE.... Mad

Drove up the driveway at home, the wife came out hoping that if I was home this early, surely I had hit the mother lode...
She quickly retreated inside as I opened the garage door, nearly taking it off the rollers...

"Look", I says to myself.... "There's the charger, where I left it".....
And....and...and there's the f%#&*^n lead still attached to it! Embarassed

Needless to say, a quick trip to Jaycar and plugs where changed to the correct sex, and a spare lead made up!!!
This wont happen again!! cheers

Oh, and 'my spot' wasn't really 'my spot', I must have forgotton where I left that too... Shocked Laughing

Whats your 'embarrasing' story?
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Test your new Detector at home before taking it out! Empty Oh dear

Post  the hill folk on Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:26 am

5 1/2 hours ??

What a pisser.....would have loved to see you open that garage door !!!
Hope to hear stories of much more productive trips...good luck...

the hill folk
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